Horrified the Board Game – Review

Hello awesome board gamers! Welcome to my review of Horrified the board game! Horrified is a coop game for 1-5 players which pits your skills against Universal Studios’ classic movie monsters! Let’s get stuck in! Boardgamesbren.com is reader-supported – When you purchase through the links in my posts I may earn a small commission at … Read more

Gray Eminence, a Game of Political Intrigue

Hello Amazing Board Gamers! Welcome to my review of Gray Eminence, a game of political intrigue for 3-6 players by Dragon Dawn Productions. I have previously reviewed three other awesome games by Dragon Dawn which you can read here: Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift, an innovative, dice-less dungeon crawler, Maeshowe – An Orkney Saga, a solo … Read more

Dwarf, The Card Game – by Dragon Dawn Productions

Hello amazing Board Gamers! Welcome to my post on Dwarf, the awesome little card game from Dragon Dawn Productions. Previously I reviewed two other Dragon Dawn games: Perdition’s Mouth Abyssal Rift, an epic dice-less dungeon crawler, and Maeshowe, a Viking-themed solo or 2-player cooperative card game. A big shout-out and thank-you to Dragon Dawn for sending … Read more

Veil of the Void – A Sci-Fantasy RPG

Hello beautiful gamers! Welcome to my review of Veil of the Void – A Storytellers Sci-Fantasy TTRPG. This is an epic game set in an alien universe with a host of weird and wonderful worlds and creatures for you to explore! Designer Trever Archuleta has created a game which is both rich and deep with … Read more

Dungeon Crawl Classics Review – A Modern Old School RPG!

Hello amazing gamer peeps! Welcome to my review of Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG – A modern-day, Old-School roleplaying game! I picked up a ‘quick-start’ version of this game for a pound at Firestorm Games, Cardiff and loved the look of it so just had to get the full version! If you love old-school RPGs then … Read more

Post-Apocalyptic Town Builder – The Pioneers Program

Hello amazing board gamers! Welcome to my review of The Pioneers Program a post-apocalypic town builder from GCT Studios. I actually got this given this game for free at the Firestorm Games Cardiff store from a very generous guy who had a stall at their bring-and-buy sale. The Pioneers Program is a slightly different take … Read more